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RS-Live 2.0

RS-Live is an online/offline result management system specifically designed to be used in Nigeria by Primary, Secondary and Tertiary institutions for Result Computation, Grading System, Online Result Publication/Online Result Checking System using Scratch Card, Automatic Class Position, Automatic Student's Promotion, etc. It is composed of TWO major modules which are the RS-Live Administrative Panel and RS-Live Client/User Panel.With RS-Live, computing a class result will take you less than 1 Hour.

What you need to Know About RS-Live


RS-Live has everything you need to manage students result in your school. It just works. It's easy to learn and use. It looks great. It's priced fairly with no hidden costs. 24/7 Phone and email support is 100% free. RS-Live is a comprehensive result management system, providing everything you need to process student's result both offline and online. With RS-Live, it is very easy for your students to access their result in a term from any location using a computer system or any mobile device. Every thing is now automatic because you actually donít need to compute any result or write the result/report sheet with a pen. With RS-Live, it will be very simple to correct any error while computing a studentís result. Just by one click, every error is fixed and saved in the database.


With RS-Live, you spend less time during result computation due to the fact that you can compute the result of a student in less than one minute by just clicking a button. Automatically the result will be computed and saved in the database. One click will calculate the total score in all subjects including the class assessment tests and exams, average, grade, remark and subject position. With one click also, you can get all the studentsí class position without stress ranging from the 1st to the last position in the class. Everything you do manually that takes time while compiling and computing students result is done automatically by just one click of the mouse. With RS-Live, you minimize the error of miscalculating studentís result; you minimize the effort of writing the result of students with pen on the report card/result sheet.


Selling of an online result checking scratch card could be another means of generating funds for the school by allowing parents to purchase result checking scratch cards, with the card; they can check the result of their children online at their own convenience. With RS-Live, students do not need to wait to collect their result at the end of the term. Using RS-Live, the teacher only marks the studentís script, and submit to the form master/mistress who will enter the scores on the system for automatic computation of the result and then upload the result online by just clicking a button, the parents/students can now purchase the online result checking scratch card and check the result from any location.

Simple and Consistent

Result Computation and Processing is by nature complicated, and to make it simple and accessible, an online result processing system solution needs to be both clear and clever, which is exactly what we have strived to do. In fact, that's why we have named our solution RS-Live! Compared to many other result system, RS-Live is a breath of fresh air. With a consistent, easy user interface, minimal on-screen clutter, and great looking graphics, it makes result processing and management easy and enjoyable.


RS-Live gives you analytical access to all RS data. Choose the timeframe, the employees and the information you want to see, and the software reporting engine will do the rest. Multiple reports can be opened together in a dynamic tabbed interface. Reports can be printed separately or together in a single click. And of course, reports can be exported in all popular formats. Convinced? Our result system allows you to recall, view and analyse all your previous published results. Multiple reports can be opened together, saved or favourite, exported in popular formats, and printed.


To ensure the security maintenance of RS-Live Result System, it is bundled with SADE (Secured Administrative Enforcer) programmed to protect the security transactions of your system. Users will be asked to enter their login name and password to confirm if they are entitled to access the system. Using SADE, Administrators can also assign specific modules for employees to access since they are only entitled to access modules that are related to their work.

Features of RS-Live


Instead of using calculator to calculate the results of students one by one, RS-Live result computation does that for you in just 1 second. Clicking just a button automatically computes the Total Score in a subject, Grand Total of all subjects, Average, Grades in each Subject, Result Status, etc.

student'sclass position

Fixing students according to class position, ranging from 1st 2nd, 3rd down to the last position according to the numbers in a class is made simple with RS-Live. Only select the class you want to work on, then RS-Live will finish the rest for you by cliking on the button.


With RS-Live, you can easily calculate the class performance/class average in all the subjects by just clicking a button. This information will reflex on the student's result sheet/report card.

result publication

Result Publication is automatically done as soon as any resullt is computed and saved to database. Even update made on the student's result either by class average, psychomotor skill rating etc automatically reflect on the result published. That means you can access the result from any location.


This gives students the priviledge of cheking/printing their results online from any location at their convinient time without waiting back in the school after vacation. Selling of online result checking scratch card could be an avenue for generating extra funds for the school.


RS-Live helps you to determin the students that are qualified to be promoted to the next class and the students that will repet the current class depending on the grading system of the school. Just by clicking on a mouse, RS-Live automatically sort the system and promote the students that are qualified to be promoted and repeat those that are not qualified to be promoted.


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